SimX Track & Trace

SIM-based Anonymous Proximity Tracing & Mobility Intelligence

Digital Track & Trace by the SimX Technology

SimX Track & Trace is a digital tool for both the government and the public to predict, control, and stop the spread of infectious diseases like the COVID-19. This is achieved by intelligent proximity and contact tracing algorithms that correlate anonymous location data reported by SimX application on SIM cards and information from test centres.

SimX Works on Any SIM-Enabled Device

As opposed to GPS and/or Bluetooth approaches who require a smartphone and an compatible app to be downloaded and installed, SimX is device agnostic, meaning it works on literally any device that have a SIM card and a cellular connection. 

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4 Steps to Enable Country-Wide SimX Track & Tracing

SimX App can be installed to SIM cards across the country remotely by network operators. Once installed and enabled, the SimX App communicates using a high level of security and encryption, by either SMS or using mobile data, with the SimX central server notifying it with the GPS-Less location of the device whenever it moves.


Mobile Network Operators install SimX App remotely by SMS after Taking Subscriber Consent


SimX anonymously tracks movements and locations


Test Centres upload confirmed cases info to Simx


Virus spread and mobility analytics are updated in near realtime

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Key Benefits

Map Virus Spread

Predicted virus spread is mapped on a daily basis by several granularities, from a country to a suburb.

Control Social Contact

SimX identifies numbers of people met or went outside their homes or towns by several granularities.

Take Informed Decisions

Governments can control the spread of the virus by taking informed decisions backed by continuous feed of data.

Stay Alert

The public can use the SimX Portal to check the safety score of areas or to check if they are possibly infected.

Test Effeciently

Virus testing can be geo-targeted based on predicted number of infections and the safety scores.

Beyond Covid-19

Network Operators can utilise data by SimX to improve their networks and their services.

How does SimX protects my privacy?

The identity of individuals is anonymised to the system as every SIM application generates its own digital-ID which contains random digits making it impossible to unmask the true identity. This digital-ID is generated when the application is firstly installed and going forward, all the messages going out from the SimX application is accompanied with this ID. This means that the user can’t receive any notifications.

How can I receive notification if my identity is completely anonymised?

If the subscriber wishes to receive notifications, the subscriber has to give the consent to expose true identity to the solution by encrypted opt-in opt-out mechanism. Notifications can be alleviated all together as any subscriber can enter their digital-ID to the SimX dashboard and receive information about whether they are possibly infected or not.

How long is my data stored?

The raw location data is only stored for less that 24 hours. Every day a social contact table is created that consists of digital-IDs of individuals who have met each other and a timestamp. This table is stored for 1 month as it is needed by the contact tracing algorithm.

Are you a Government Authority?

We created SimX to support you during pandemics to take informed decisions backed by innovative big data solution and near real-time analytics.

Are you a Network Operator?

We need to partner with as many network operators as possible to extend the reach of our SimX services.  

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